Maria’s Biography


Maria H. Lewis, the oldest of six children, from Catholic Asian-Indian immigrants Felba and Walter Lewis, was born and raised to boldly live out her Faith and to stand up for Life, God, and Family. At an early age, Lewis felt a calling to take a public stand against the challenges that Catholics face in our present day—the injustices to the human person, the threats against family and marriage, and the violations of an individual's God-given rights. After prayer, consultation with priests, and her parent’s support, Lewis founded Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose in 2011. Today, this youth-led organization features members throughout Northern California , all working towards educating the youth and informing the public on the stance we must take as Catholics. Lewis plans are to open chapters throughout America as well as to reach out to the youth in Asia, Africa, and Mexico, and the Middle East.

Circumstances in Lewis’ childhood and the fact that her parents had to rely completely on Divine Providence, taught her to be docile to the Holy Spirit and trust in God's mercy and love. Empowering other youth and especially minorities to rise up and be a voice, a light, a LIFE fills her with zeal and courage. Lewis states, “ It is our country too, we must all stand up to help fight this catastrophe against Life, marriage, and God….”

Lewis has given anti-abortion talks at 40 Days for Life Rallies, youth organizations and groups, Stand up for Religious Freedom Rallies, and other pro-life events. Lewis also counsels women and students to make pro-life choices and helps them see that there’s another way—a beautiful way–LIFE!  In addition, Lewis has debated pro-abortionists and has spoken on Immaculate Heart Radio in S.F., C.A.. Advocating for Life, she also travels around the U.S. giving talks, speaking to youth, and counseling mothers and students to choose the TRUE way—as spelled out by Jesus in the gospels. Most recently, she organized the first ever Pro-Life Youth Conference NorCal  for college and high school students, to project the truth about abortion to them, thus bringing about a more holistic society. Presently, she is working with Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose’s tech crew on a life video film, You are a Miracle, which is being designed to portray the beauty of life to the youth.

Currently, Lewis studies at Los Medanos Community College ( In the Bay Area, California), and her days are very busy between running Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose ( P.L.M.R.), doing pro-life work, tutoring English, and studying. Her goals are to move to the East Coast in 2014, where she aspires to pursue her degree in political science and law (at The Catholic University of America) and thereafter, do full-time work for Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose and the Pro-Life movement….For the Mystical Rose ( Mother Mary) and God.