About Us

Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose is a pro-life, youth led organization
Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose is a pro-life, youth led, organization that advocates for the pro-life cause through prayer, pro-life formations, fundraising, and outreach efforts in our society.  P.L.M.R. also  works to holistically help each member develop their Catholic faith while becoming active philanthropists for the pro-life cause.  

One of P.L.M.R’s main goal is to help the minorities arise up to stand up for LIFE and to encourage them to step up on the front lines of this life and death battle.

Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose stands firm against Abortion, Contraception, Euthanasia, Gay "Marriage," and any other practices that work to eradicate a human non-naturally.

Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose has held fundraisers, awareness campaigns, prayer vigils, pro-life events, and more, to help spread the pro-life message. Maria Lewis and the P.L.M.R. committee have given speeches to youth, as well as one-on-one education sessions to educate them on a more personal level about abortion and other related issues. They plan to open more chapters throughout the U.S. and minorty countries to spread the same message. 

 P.L.M.R. organized the first ever Pro-Life Youth Conference in S.F. on August 9th and 10th of 2013, and plan to make it a yearly event. This conference is designed to engage the youth through heart-changing, soul- stirring testimonies, talks by prominent pro-life activists, public witness demonstrations, and much, much more!

Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose's tech crew is currently desiging a Life film, You are a Miracle,  which will feature testimonials, ultrasound pictures, fetal develoment pictures, and more. 

We MUST take a stand and fight against the American holocaust, abortion. All those who were born after 1973 SURVIVED ABORTION. Therefore, we must fight on the front lines for our voiceless brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered day after day and night after night because of abortion. Abortion in America has stolen America's constitutional right of “liberty and freedom for all.” We must stand up…right here! Right now! Today…for GOD, LIFE, and FAMILY.…so that our future generations might live in a world where EVERYONE is guaranteed our unalienable, God-given rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

"Let Us Pray That We May Be Able To Do Our Part In Helping To Bring Back the America Where Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Truly Shown, Even When It Comes To The Unborn And Helpless"~ Maria Hazel Lewis

“We must stand up…be a light…make a difference in today’s world. How can we just sit still? Children are dying! The world is falling! Let us rise up today and do our part to help end abortion and other practices which eradicate life non-naturally.” ~ Maria Hazel Lewis

Foundation History

Founded in early 2011 by Maria Hazel Lewis - a Roman Catholic, Pro-Lifers of the Mystical Rose hopes to expand by creating new chapters in other cities all across the states, helping spread the pro-life message and educating people on the political stance we must take.Recently, P.L.M.R. has opened up their frontiers to reaching out to youth in India and the Philippines and plans to open up chapters in different parts of America.